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Coffee roasting: art and science

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Coffee roasting is the magical transformation of the green seeds into roasted beans. It is during this delicate roasting stage that a metamorphosis occurs whereby important physical and chemical transformations are caused. Weight loss 18-20% of weight is lost due to the evaporation of water and organic substances. Increase in volume An increase of volumeRead more

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How can espresso at coffee shops become more sustainable?

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Even in the world of coffee, the environmental issue is becoming increasingly central and the desire to make espresso at the bar more sustainable is a priority. Many roasting companies spend their energies and resources on a daily basis in search of packaging with a lower environmental impact. In domestic consumption, the desire to reduceRead more

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Christmas atmosphere in your bar: a simple guide

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At the bar, as in your house, Christmas is the time for joyful atmospheres and conviviality. which better opportunity to welcome the customers and invite them to stay than by creating a warm and festive atmosphere in your own restaurant? Here are some of our tips, but remember to keep the decorations simple, focusing onRead more


Italians at the bar, our own ritual

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Exported and taken as an example all over the world, hospitality has always characterized Italian people. The bar, with all its specific features, has become one of the symbolic places of our country together with the assiduity as it frequented , from breakfast to aperitif, becoming part of our daily life. Places of great success,Read more


Which characteristics must have a successful bar?

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In an highly competitive business segment, which has suffered more than others in recent months, it is fundamental to successfully revise the coffee experience in your premise. Atmosphere, details, service, quality, extended opening hours and a wide coffee offer to be adapted to the various moments of the day – from breakfast to aperitif –Read more

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The dehors, the new way of experiencing cafes

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After weeks of forced closure, bars and restaurants have finally raised their shutters, but in an atmosphere of restricted health security and fear that with difficulties will still loosen for some time. In this context, the external areas of the premises assume strategic and ever-increasing importance. To respond to the need avoiding gatherings, customers andRead more