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gelato recipe for homemade coffee 300x200
Recipes Waiting for Summer… and Gelato! Caffè Vergnano’s Recipe

With summer just around the corner, the first sweet treat you think of is gelato. There’s an endless number of flavours in constant evolution but there […]

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alternative coffee  300x200
Recipes 5 alternatives to your usual coffee

We never get tired of coffee. For enthusiasts, its simple pleasure is synonymous of an indispensable coffee break. If you are in the mood for a […]

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cakes to accompany coffee 300x200
Recipes No-bake desserts: 5 recipes to go with your coffee

You don’t want to turn on the oven but, at the same time, you don’t want to miss out on the pleasure of a tempting dessert? […]

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low calorie desserts 300x200
Recipes Do healthy and low-calorie desserts really exist?

Being on a diet often means giving up dessert. Is combining weight loss and taste an impossible mission? No, as long as you follow some simple […]

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coffee recipes with few ingredients 300x200
Recipes 4 Tasty Coffee Recipes with just a few Ingredients

What’s better than a delightful coffee break, enjoying the pleasure of an intense bold aroma? Accompany it with a great dessert! Here are 4 delicious coffee […]

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alternative breakfast 300x200
Recipes 5 ideas for an alternative breakfast

Is coffee your first thought in the morning? Here you will find a few ideas to pamper yourself with an alternative breakfast featuring coffee as the […]

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egg free recipes with coffee 300x199
Recipes 3 dairy and egg free recipes with coffee

Do you love coffee and want to use it to make delicious desserts? Discover our dairy and egg free recipes. These three delicious recipes will delight […]

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coffee cakes egg free  300x200
Recipes Coffee Cakes: simple, quick and egg free recipes

Are you looking for simple, quick and egg free recipes to make coffee cakes? Here you will find two recipes that will amaze even the most […]

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best coffee pud 300x210
Recipes How to Make the Best Coffee Pudding

Are you looking for a deliciously fresh dessert that you can prepare just a few hours before serving? Coffee pudding is perfect to end a lunch […]

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