Women in Coffee

Federica Pellegrini is the 2023 face of Women in Coffee.

Olympic champion Federica Pellegrini, widely considered one of swimming’s all-time global greats, epitomises the project’s vision of providing tangible support and inspiration to women around the world.


The Project

Women in Coffee is Caffè Vergnano’s women-focused social sustainability initiative created by CEO Carolina Vergnano, and launched in 2018.

Women in Coffee, in collaboration with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, was founded with the aim of supporting women working in small coffee plantations.

Every year, together with the IWCA, we select a concrete project to support, a new chapter of a story where coffee is at the forefront. But not only, Women in Coffee, today also embraces other projects in support of women, thus becoming a broader path of social sustainability, a meeting of shared values that speak of female empowerment, inclusion and sustainability.

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I have a suitcase full of dreams; Women in Coffee is one of them. Like all dreams, they must be nurtured, cared for, and grown with passion and dedication.

carolina vergnano
Carolina Vergnano
CEO Caffè Vergnano
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Federica Pellegrini
Olympic champion

Federica Pellegrini
for Women in Coffee

Olympic champion Federica Pellegrini epitomises the project’s vision of providing tangible support and inspiration to women around the world. The positive values associated with both her personal and professional experiences, alongside her commitment to integration, female empowerment and gender equality, chime perfectly with Caffè Vergnano’s own “pink vision”.

Our Sustainable Dream in Pink

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How to support the Project

pink collection

Pink Collection

Women in Coffee fundraising program supports small communities of female workers on coffee plantations and other social sustainability projects focused on women. The project-dedicated Women in Coffee blend and pink collection items sold online and in WIC Cafès all over the world contribute to the project proceeds.



Women in Coffee gets behind the counter with a tailor-made offer including a coffee selection, the merchandising and the equipment to serve blends of possibilities, contributing to project proceeds.



The Pink Collection features new items from the collaboration between the illustrator Pennika and Caffè Vergnano. The artist’s tribute to Women in Coffee tells the story of women and how they face everyday struggles with irony and the right amount of caffeine: just like Women in Coffee project, Pennika’s illustrated items support female coffee farmers.

food library

Women Food Library

The Women Food Library project was born from a conversation between friends: that is when Angela Frenda, Food Editor of Corriere della Sera, and Carolina Vergnano, CEO of Caffe Vergnano, joined forces to create a food library dedicated to women. The Women Food Library in the Accademia Vergnano in Chieri aspires to be the largest of its kind.


CADMI and Telefono Rosa

Every November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Women in Coffee stands in solidarity with the victims of abuse by donating the profits from the day, and the Pink Collection proceeds to organizations like Telefono Rosa [Pink Phone] and CADMI [Casa delle Donne Maltratte or Home for Mistreated Women].

un caffe con

A Coffee with…

A Coffee with... is a project designed to promote female leadership and a culture of inclusion among Caffè Vergnano’s and CCHBCI's employees. It involves interviewing inspiring women from various organizations and donating all proceeds from the meetings to Women in Coffee.



In 2020 we launched a training course for educators and students in middle and secondary schools in collaboration with Funtasia Digital. This course explored new methods of promoting social-emotional well-being and fostering positive relationships, focusing on diversity and empathy between genders.