“Women in Coffee” is our dream for 2019: a concrete commitment to sustain projects of women working in the coffee plantations.

Our goal for 2019

To collect funds to support the launch of a micro-roaster managed by a community of 20 women in the Hondo Valley County in Dominican Republic. Support the project with us: buy a product of the Pink Capsule Collection, a percentage will be donated to the project.





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The product line
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A “pink” special collection with new products presented through the year. Buy one product of the pink collection and support the project “women in coffee”: a part of the funds will be used to sustain the Dominican Republic project.

The project

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In the Dominican Republic, 35% of small producers are women who don’t receive financial support for their activity. Caffè Vergnano has chosen to support the Dominican Association of Women in Coffee (ADOMUCA), a non-profit organization founded in January 2011 by a group of women who work in the coffee world.

What we sustain

cosa sosteniamo

Caffè Vergnano commits to sustain economically the creation of a roasting, grinding and packaging laboratory. The coffee used is harvested in the coffee plantation of Hondo Valley managed by women of the ADOMUCA association. The project supported by Caffè Vergnano has been selected with the support of International Women’s Coffee Alliance, an international association whose mission is to support women working in the coffee chain all over the world.

From the plantation to the roasting


From the plantation to the roasting

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The story behind our commitment

Women play a big role generating most of the income in the family unit, which is a contrast due to the lack of opportunities and training they face within the coffee value supply chain. With this initiative, we assume the responsibility to promote gender equity and empowerment and leadership of 20 women producers with the goal to increase the
number of women impacted by the project as it evolves and grows due to demand.

Caffè Vergnano goes Pink

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We started from here: On october 1st 2018 celebrating the International Coffee Day.

We started from here: On october 1st 2018 celebrating the International Coffee Day. A “pink day”, in the new Accademia Vergnano in Chieri, where influencers, bloggers, journalists and
coffee experts have learned and shared all the secrets of coffee and good food.