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Women in Coffee

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Coffee is female: 70% of the coffee workforce are women, yet only 25% of world coffee farms are run by women. That is why in 2018, Carolina Vergnano launched this women-focused social sustainability initiative.

The project has since evolved, widening its mandate and becoming an inclusive vessel for initiatives supporting culture and education, two fundamental tools in terms of driving emancipation and creating value. Since its inception in 2018, Women in Coffee has made a tangible difference on the international stage with diverse projects. Discover the ongoing narrative of this inspiring story, in which each chapter builds on the last.

Female empowerment is a key theme of Women in Coffee and this is addressed through activities designed to foster growth, self-determination and improvement.

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Carolina Vergnano CEO Caffè Vergnano
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Chapter 1

Dominican Republic

The very first funded project was the purchase of a roasting machine that formed the basis of a small business run by 20 women in the Hondo Valle county of the Dominican Republic.
Caffè Vergnano provided financial assistance for building a laboratory where coffee from the plantations of the Hondo Valley can be roasted, ground, and packed. These plantations are managed by the ADOMUCA association, which consists of women.

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For the First Chapter we collected


Chapter 2


In 2021 we launched the ongoing fundraising to support the creation of the Family Rural Library for the people of Cual Bicicleta in Marcala, Honduras.
This new library is under construction to provide a gathering place for women to achieve their full potential, for children to learn and have fun, and for families to come together. Additionally, international women’s coffee alliance members can use the library as a meeting place.

This is a space where people can share their ideas and projects, and their dreams can come true with support from Caffè Vergnano and the local community. It’s a place for positive transformation and inspiration for everyone.

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For the second chapter we already collected


Next Steps

We want to increase our commitment in Honduras to providing women and their families with further empowering resources.
Our goal is to equip women and their families with new tools to aid their professional growth. To achieve this, we plan to install a bar, new equipment, and an academy for training in the library.

Our Sustainable Dream

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