An all-Italian story

visore hp vergnano
antica torrefazione

Founded in 1882, Caffe Vergnano is Italy’s oldest coffee roasting company

For 140 years, and over four generations, we have stayed true to tradition, exporting the ethos of authentic Italian espresso around the world.

il nostro obiettivo

Our goal:
quality above everything

The consumer is at the centre of everything we do. From the selection of raw materials to our academy which trains the best baristas, every process and detail is meticulously managed and planned.

il nostro impegno

Our commitment to equality and a sustainable future

Sustainability is central to all our operations, and we’re working constantly to improve production methods and packaging, reducing our environmental impact, involving customers and consumers to ensure these positive impacts are shared widely.

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women in coffee

Women in Coffee:
our sustainable dream

Women in Coffee is our social responsibility dream. The project was born in 2018 and supports initiatives about empowerment, inclusion and respect for women.

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