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Green Caffè Vergnano celebrates Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide each year on 22 April. This anniversary was launched for the first time by the United Nations in 1970 with the […]

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Green Biologico and organico in Italy – let’s bring some clarity

Are the Italian terms organico (whole, non-processed) and biologico (organic) synonyms? How often have we heard and used these two terms thinking they refer to the same concept? Their meaning, however, is quite different. Let’s find out how to use them correctly!

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Barista’s Corner Growing mushrooms in coffee grounds: when recycling is simple and delicious

Nothing of the best things that nature gives us is ever throw away. And with a little effort and creativity, everything can find a second creative and eco-friendly use. Coffee is no exception and after use, it can become the ideal soil to grow edible mushrooms at home. This is how you can do it!

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Green Sustainable food service: some good practices to make the DIFFERENCE

Sustainability, waste and waste reduction, circular economy, green approach: these are the key words that are more and more common in the food and beverage world […]

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Green Caffè Vergnano’s sustainable commitment

Do you know that April is sustainability month? International Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, the theme this year is “Restore our Earth”. To face […]

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Green Caffè Vergnano´s Committee for Sustainability is born

On the occasion of International Earth Day 2021, Caffè Vergnano announces the creation of its Committee for Sustainability, a new operational body that aims at establishing […]

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Green Caffè Vergnano supports 3Bee for the adoption of a beehive

World Bee Day is celebrated on 20 May, bees are a fundamental link in the entire food chain. Did you know that thanks to their tireless […]

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