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The Accademia Vergnano is a SCA certified training center,
A place where you can acquire all skills a barista needs to grow the business

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Qualified and tailor-made training for baristas

The Accademia Vergnano is a SCA Training Center, in our headquarters in Chieri (Turin) you can find spaces which combines theoretical lessons and practical exercises, always guided by certified trainers. On request you can take the exams to obtain the SCA Certification, as well as discover the oldest Italian roasting company up close!

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Acquire the theoretical and practical skills to improve your daily work

The Accademia Vergnano will help you to become a well-rounded professional in the world of coffee.
Our team of expert trainers will bring you closer to the raw material and improve your skills with coffee grinders and professional machines with different characteristics.

Find out the next available dates. For info and registration contact your distributor.

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A Premier Training Campus, with specialised academic courses and training programs designed to convey the all-round culture, secrets and professionalism required to continue to offer the art of coffee to the world. Dedicated to professionals in search of excellence. To those who want to make every espresso a true masterpiece. Our courses are also open to those who simply love coffee in all its nuances and want to learn every aspect of it.

For info:

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to be accumulated during the training course to obtain the SCA certification

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Each SCA course, depending on the level, allows you to obtain various credits.

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The modules can also be tackled over the course of several years

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Once the final exam has been passed, the trainer will complete the registration for the final exam

Discover all the SCA modules

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Introduction to Coffee

To learn about the whole coffee journey, from its origins until today. This module provides an overview of the coffee value chain

10 credits SCA
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Barista Skills

For a deep understanding of coffee: from practical skills to set up the coffee grinder until milk steaming and cappuccino preparation

- Foundation: 5 SCA credits
- Intermediate: 10 SCA credits
- Professional: 25 SCA credits
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This module was created for all those who wish to learn more about the different coffee extraction methods

- Foundation: 5 SCA credits
- Intermediate: 10 SCA credits
- Professional: 25 SCA credits
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Sensory Skills

To discover the essentials of sensory evaluation in a practical and interactive way

- Foundation: 5 SCA credits
- Intermediate: 10 SCA credits
- Professional: 25 SCA credits
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Green Coffee

To learn the key concepts related to green coffee: production, processing, classification, shipping, storage, arrival at destination and to know the coffee contracts and the management of the porfolio

- Foundation: 5 SCA credits
- Intermediate: 10 SCA credits
- Professional: 25 SCA credits
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Now you can follow the Accademia courses even remotely

The specialized coffee courses are also online. Ad hoc courses designed on the needs of the customer who can interact directly with the teacher connected remotely and practice from his own bar with the equipment he works with on a daily basis.

For info and registration contact your distributor.

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Why choosing
the Accademia Vergnano?

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    The family house where weverything started is now open to welcome the baristas and trainers at the Accademia Vergnano.

    The Accademia Vergnano has opened in an old family house where the company founder Mr Domenico Vergnano has grown. By going around the house between the various room it is possible to go through the company history from its origins until now.

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    Accademia Vergnano binds together the same passion and expertise that have characterized the company's business for over 135 years, with a future with the espresso as protagonist.

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    To the practice room, equipped with 5 different espresso machines, a brewing and mixology corner. Close by a “theory” room, which transforms also in cupping room. In the courtyard there is a green coffee room, where guests can touch with their hands the different coffee origins and discover the fascinating differences between arabica and robusta.

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    Accademia Vergnano all over the world

    Accademia Vergnano has several locations in Italy and around the world, places where you can learn culture, secrets and art of coffee.