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Barista’s Corner A journey around the world among the flavors of coffee

Throughout the world you can find many kinds of coffee, related to different cultures and costumes. The Italian version is one of the most popular, but […]

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Barista’s Corner 5 Original Ideas to Set Up your Coffee Shop Window Display

Coffee shop windows are an important calling card for your business. They are a preview of what customers can find inside, the essence of what they could miss out on if they don’t walk in and have something to eat or drink. For this reason, your window display requires your utmost attention.

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Barista’s Corner Tramezzini, Sandwiches and Focaccia: Tasty Ideas for your Coffee Shop

People have hectic days, working in a fast-paced environment and the hourglass at lunch break has just a few grains of sand left – this is why more and more people have a quick lunch at the first café they find.

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Barista’s Corner How to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Build Customer Loyalty

Satisfying your customers and building their loyalty at the coffee shop is one of the most coveted goals. Let’s understand what should be done and how.

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Barista’s Corner Do You Welcome Customers to Your Coffee Shop the Right Way?

Is the customer always right? Perhaps not, but in any case, customers are necessary for the survival of a café. Without them, any business would close down. So how can you make a cappuccino break become an even more pleasant experience? Here are four simple tips!

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Barista’s Corner Which Beverages are Most Popular in the Summer?

The best way to survive the heat is by drinking plenty of fluids. Not only water: juice, orangeade, iced tea, cocktails…

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Barista’s Corner 5 things you probably don’t know you can do with coffee beans

The pleasure that a good cup of coffee can give is beyond compare. However, not everyone knows just how many different ways coffee beans can be […]

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Barista’s Corner What Italians really enjoy when having an aperitivo at the bar

Gathering with friends for this pre-dinner drinking ritual is becoming increasingly more popular.

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Barista’s Corner 4 Successful Strategies to Increase the Proceeds of Your Coffee Shop

Coffee shops has always been considered the meeting point for people of all ages and they are immune to economic crisis as long as you have the right commercial approach.

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