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Raccolta caffè

Every coffee bean is unique to us

As a company we specialise in the selection and roasting of green coffee, and we’ve always believed in the careful selection of every bean. Because it is only with this level of attention to detail that coffee culture can truly grow and flourish.


Seeking perfection, always

Every single day we grind, roast, taste and test our coffee. This is how perfect recipes are created, using traditional techniques inherited from our ancestors.

Foto Barattoli tipi di caffè

Aware of our origins.

We have cultivated strong relationships with top manufacturers around the world for over 40 years, only choosing partnerships with those who meet our highest quality standards. We monitor every relationship meticulously. Before purchasing green coffee, a sample is sent to our office in Turin. Here, Mr. Carlo personally tests the coffee, analysing its quality and origin. Then, only if everything is entirely satisfactory, does the order proceed. Then, when the coffee reaches a European port, another sample is sent to Mr. Carlo to ensure its quality has remained perfect throughout distribution process.


Paying attention to every stage and every process

All of our coffee beans are stored carefully by origin at out Turin site, ready to be roasted.


Constantly striving for excellence

Pietro Vergnano chooses only the best coffee beans. He personally ensures that the raw materials used in every production stage and in our final products meet all the quality and safety standards required by national regulation and product specific laws.


Defending tradition

Roasting is the most delicate stage in coffee production. To achieve a perfect balance between aroma and intensity of flavour, coffee beans must be roasted to perfection, bearing in mind that they are all different shapes and sizes. This is made possible by slow roasting, a traditional method that differs from industrial processes and results in the best possible even cooking.

da torino

Conquering the world from Turin

At the Caffè Vergnano factory, fresh coffee is packaged and shipped to bars and shops all over the world. Allowing the sublime flavour of Caffè Vergnano to be enjoyed… everywhere.

Foto Carolina Vergnano

The adventure continues

Those who work with us all become part of an extended family that makes its love of coffee, a way of life. Distributing Caffè Vergnano around the world is an extraordinary adventure. Carolina travels the planet bringing Caffè Vergnano’s quality and passion to over 60 countries. Our network of selected partners lives and breathes our coffee and proudly represents Italian excellence around the world.


A network of passionate baristas

Baristas and café owners are a huge part of our story. Thanks to their experience, our products come to life. Enrico Vergnano manages and expands our network of remarkable hotels, bars and restaurants throughout Italy, creating authentic, passionate coffee experiences.

dalla piantagione alla tazzina

Passion, from plantation to cup

We believe that every coffee we create tells a unique story. It’s a story of the journey of each coffee bean, from the country of origin to the cup we hold in our hands. We want every espresso we create and every product we make, to express the best of Italian coffee culture. Uniting our global customers in one experience of authentic quality coffee.