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25 years of coffee shops

From 13.05 to 30.09 purchase a coffee or coffee-based product in a Caffè Vergnano coffee shop and participate in the final prize draw by uploading the receipt.

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Capsules compatible with coffee machines for home use manufactured by Nespresso ®

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Pink collection

We have created a special collection to support the projects of Women in Coffee.

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Our sustainability pledge

our journey towards sustainability in centred around protecting the environment, and preserving the quality and safety of our products and processes


Caffè Vergnano's world

Diventa un professionista del mondo del caffè

Become a professional in the world of coffee

The Accademia Vergnano prepares you to become a well-rounded professional in the world of coffee. Our team of expert teachers will bring you closer to the raw material and give you practical experience.

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Quy Cup: enjoy great coffee anytime, anywhere

Our convenient and practical takeaway cups, made from R-Pet, let you savour the perfect cappuccino or espresso wherever you are. It's an eco-friendly solution created for coffee lovers who sip their favorite brew anytime, anywhere—be it at home, the office, or outdoors. With a beautiful design, these new cups preserve all the flavours of coffee-based drinks.

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The Perfect Espresso Spoon

Introducing our new stainless steel spoon, expertly designed by the coffee specialists at Caffè Vergnano. Its helical shape breaks the crema, releasing rich aromas and blending the coffee layers perfectly. Plus, it maintains the ideal temperature, ensuring you enjoy a flawless espresso every time.

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