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macinato min

Ground Coffee

Classic blend and rich blend

capsule min


Capsules compatible with coffee machines for home use manufactured by Nespresso ®

pink collection min

Pink collection

We have created a special collection to support the projects of Women in Coffee.

bg sostenibilita min

Our sustainability pledge

our journey towards sustainability in centred around protecting the environment, and preserving the quality and safety of our products and processes


Caffè Vergnano's world

Accademia Vergnano photo

Become a professional in the world of coffee

The Accademia Vergnano prepares you to become a well-rounded professional in the world of coffee. Our team of expert teachers will bring you closer to the raw material and give you practical experience.

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ig vergnano min

A photographic story to tell about our coffee

Let's go back to talking about coffee and what lies behind the ritual that is lived every day all over the world. Follow us!

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Women in coffee, il nostro sogno sostenibile arriva al bar

Our sustainable dream

Women in Coffee is Caffè Vergnano’s social responsibility project to sustain small communities of female coffee producers. The project is in constant evolution and aims at supporting projects that promote female empowerment, inclusion, and respect.

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