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Ground Coffee

Classic blend and rich blend

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Capsules compatible with coffee machines for home use manufactured by Nespresso ®

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Pink collection

We have created a special collection to support the projects of Women in Coffee.


Our sustainability

our journey towards sustainability in centred around protecting the environment, and preserving the quality and safety of our products and processes


Caffè Vergnano world

Caffè Vergnano con Funtasia per promuovere l’uguaglianza di genere nelle scuole

Caffè Vergnano partners up with Funtasia to promote gender equality in public schools

Our partnership with Elisa Sednaoui’s foundation Funtasia is an expansion of our social sustainability project Women in Coffee. In 2021 we bring our focus to school programs because we believe that female empowerment starts with gender education.

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Our journey on Instagram through seasons and moods

“Our journey” is an Instagram story that spans seasons and moods. It is a photographic journey that paints feelings. Follow us!

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Discover the new products of the Pink Collection

Discover the new products of our Pink Collection: the new Family planner, the t-shirt, the pink cup, and the charm. The collection was created to support Women in Coffee projects.

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