Experience the best café coffee, whenever and wherever you like.

With Caffè Vergnano’s range of convenient coffee bean portions created specifically for use in offices and hotels, you can enjoy the true taste of ‘Made in Italy’ espresso anywhere, anytime!

fap capsule


With the new capsules, Caffè Vergnano not only offers a product of the finest quality but makes a step forward in its commitment towards the environment: the capsules have a low environmental impact because they are made of biodegradable plastic.

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Aroma Mio coffee grind for vending machines

The superior quality of Aroma Mio originates from the respect for the best tradition of Italian espresso.

900x580 amm

“A modo mio®” Compatible Capsules

Each capsule treasures the finest origins, masterfully blended and roasted to bring only the true espresso Made in Italy to your cup.

900x580 cialde

Paper Coffee Pods

All the quality of Caffè Vergnano encapsulated in coffee pods that are quick and easy to use.

visore lavazza blue en

Lavazza Blue

With the capsules compatible with Lavazza Blue”®* machines for the office, Caffè Vergnano brings the full taste of coffee made at the café into the office. So, you can enjoy the true taste of espresso Made in Italy at any time of the day.

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Nespresso compatible tea capsules

Caffè Vergnano, together with the best experts in the field, has sealed in a capsule tea leaves at their best.

macchina tre min

Coffee Machines

Trè and Trè+: Caffè Vergnano’s experience is combined with the most advanced technology in the field.


Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® Compatible Capsules

They preserve their freshness and aroma, so you can enjoy your cup of coffee every day.