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For 140 years and four generations we are driven by our passion;
to preserve and pass on a unique tradition, respecting both people and planet. This is why we have established our SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE, which now defines our goals and guides our actions.

It’s a scrupulous path, made of quality, Italian-ness and care,
and putting people and environment at the heart of everything we do.

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Our strong commitment towards a more sustainable coffee comes from here.

We select only the finest origins and roast them slowly according to tradition, safeguarding a unique production process that is increasingly focused on the use of sustainable raw materials, food safety and carefully monitored ethical work practices.

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Raw materials

We base our work on an increasing sense of responsibility in the production and the use of raw materials.

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Plant and offices

Our sustainable approach involves all the production chain, from the plant to the offices.

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Health and safety

Protecting the safety of people and our products are two of the cornerstones of our daily work.

We are committed to a circular economy

Our production and innovation are focused on the use of recycled and recyclable materials, so our used products can be reused as resources or disposed of in complete harmony with the environment.

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from waste to resource

2.5KG R-Pet Whole beans pack

For our new catering pack, we halved the use of virgin plastic from non-renewable sources.

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coffee pathway


To ensure coffee capsules are sustainable, we made ours organic and compostable.

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Our strong commitment towards recycled and recoverable materials also results in our packaging and merchandising.

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Tin Configurator

With our Tin Configurator we encourage the consumer to create something new from our coffee tins once they’ve used them.



Thanks to the partnership with Assobioplastiche, we can give a new life to compostable material products, in a concrete and active way.

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eco- friendly
coffee shops

Our Caffè Vergnano 1882 stores adhere to the Toogoodtogo program, allowing both baristas and clients to fight against food waste.

We care for people

We’re building a future that creates value for people – from employees to business partners and suppliers with whom we share values of respect, ethical working, and transparency. In particular, we care about women, those employed in coffee producing communities and close to us, for whom we champion education and equal employment opportunities.

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Women in Coffee

Women in Coffee is our own important initiative which collects funds to sustain communities of women working in coffee plantations.

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In partnership with Funtasia, we convey an educational project in schools to support respect for diversity and for social inclusion.

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We invest in and support a full educational path to acquire better skills. We perform it both externally and internally, thanks to Accademia Vergnano, our educational centre of excellence.