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Careful use and selection of raw materials

We base our production and use of raw materials on an increasing sense of responsibility. We produce a high-quality coffee renowned for its blends, its origins and its slow roasting process. We select the best raw materials for our special coffees:

Organic coffee:
coffee beans from organically-farmed plantations, respecting nature and local ecosystems.

UTZ coffee:
this certificate allows to identify and enhance all the products respecting environmental and social responsibility requirements.

From out production, we obtain various by-products that we pass on to third-party companies for virtuous reuse:

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The clingfilm used to package up our coffee becomes then a by-product for the production of biogas at the Valbona di Poirino farm. As a result, a by-product of the roasting progress turns into biogas – useful for the production of energy. Approximately, we will be able to recover more than 100 tons per year and we expect to produce about 8000 Kwe. Clearly, the resulting production corresponds to the energy employed by a medium electric car to drive roughly 5800km.


Juta sacks are reused for mulching and soil control in agriculture and plant nurseries (about 35 tonnes/year).

Waste reduction

From the reduction of the aluminium grammage to waste reduction, we promote rigorous checks during the whole production process, in order to make our products as efficient as possible – also from an environmental perspective.

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Plant and offices

From 1999 on, the company is certified ISO 14001. This means that the organisation’s management system adequately controls the environmental impacts of its activities, systematically seeking to improve them in a consistent, effective and sustainable manner.

Our sustainable approach involves all the production chain, from the plant to the offices.

iso 14001

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Thanks to an energy box, the hot air from the compressors is conveyed to the furnace, increasing the temperature of the heating water and thus cutting gas consumption and CO2 emissions.


Thanks to a conveyor, hot air from the compressors is partially conveyed inside the plant, helping to heat it.


We use LED lights in all our offices and plants.


Each employee has been provided with a porcelain cup, to limit the use of disposable cups.

Health and safety

Protecting the safety of people and of our products are two cornerstones of our daily work.

Indeed, we have obtained the 2018 UNI ISO 45001 ‘Occupational health and safety management systems’ certification.

The 2018 UNI ISO 45001 is the first international standard to provide a definition of the minimum standards to be respected for the good protection of workers worldwide.

It establishes a framework for improving safety, reducing occupational risks and improving the health and well-being of workers – thus boosting the company’s health and safety performances.

cqy certificate

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Other certificates

BRC, British Retail Consortium IFS, International Food Standard

These two international certificates for large-scale retail ensure that suppliers are chosen appropriately, based on their capacity to provide products which are safe and of high-quality.

FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act

It provides for a food-safety management system, applied in accordance with the US ‘Preventive Controls’ law.

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