3 dairy and egg free recipes with coffee

Do you love coffee and want to use it to make delicious desserts? Discover our dairy and egg free recipes. These three delicious recipes will delight all your guests.

Coffee desserts are appreciated not only by all true coffee lovers but also by those who don’t usually drink it. If you’re looking for scrumptious dairy and egg free recipes, these three desserts have been specially created for you:

  • Velvety mousse
  • Coffee cream
  • Afternoon tea biscuits

Velvety Coffee Mousse
Do you want to surprise your guests with a delightful dessert? Coffee mousse is ideal to satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of a meal.
You only need a few ingredients and a few minutes. It should be quite easy to find dairy free whipped cream and condensed milk in well-stocked supermarkets. Prepare 25ml of ristretto coffee and place it in the fridge. While the coffee cools down, whip 250ml of fresh cream, just removed from the fridge. At this point, blend the chilled ristretto coffee with 85ml of condensed milk and pour the mixture into the bowl containing the whipped cream. Stir gently to prevent the whipped cream from deflating.
You can either serve the mousse right away or place it in the fridge. For a perfect result, use pretty single-portion cups and decorate your mousse with a wafer.

Coffee Sauce
Coffee sauce is a valid alternative to the mousse. You will need 100ml of coffee, 200g of sugar, 35g of corn starch and 50g of dairy free butter. Mix the powders and add the coffee. Blend in the butter and let the mixture melt on the stove, keeping the flame low. Let it simmer for a minute, then cover the container with cling film and place it in the fridge to cool down. The sauce will be cold after about an hour. At this point, whip with an electric whisk for a few minutes, then serve. Have fun decorating the sauce with a wafer, a biscuit or hazelnut grains.

Coffee Biscuits
If you prefer traditional biscuits to desserts that come on a spoon, this is the recipe for you. To make coffee biscuits, first whip 240g of soft dairy-free butter until light and fluffy and then add 180g of sugar. Blend in three tsp of instant coffee and 340g of flour. Work the dough and allow it to rest in the fridge. After about three hours, remove the dough from the fridge, stamp biscuits out of the chilled dough and arrange them on a baking tray. Put them back in the fridge for about a quarter of an hour, then bake at 170°C or 325°F for 20 minutes. To make your biscuits even more appetising you could give them the shape of a coffee bean.

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