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On Valentine’s Day Serve a “Romantic Coffee”

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Coffee is good for love. This is true every day and even more on Valentine’s Day. Indeed, field studies and tests have shown that this tasty beverage doesn’t only taste great and have a beneficial effect on our mood but is also revitalising and aphrodisiac—it’s good both for our mind and our heart.

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Christmas: 5 Ideas for a Coffee Break that Smells Like Snow

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The loveliest time of the year is just around the corner and you don’t know how to create a Christmas atmosphere that makes your customers think of sweet snowy landscapes? If you put these five simple ideas into practice, none of your customers will be able to walk out of your coffee shop without first breathing the scent of snow in the air.

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Frappuccino – at home like at the café!

Coffee lovers

Frappuccino, in its classical version, first began as the combination of milk and coffee. Then it evolved into many variants and flavours, including strawberry, pineapple, mango, green tea and lemon. Here you can find the ideal recipes to prepare a delicious classic Frappuccino.

How to Take a Training Course Dedicated to Coffee

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Going back to school to learn the fragrant art of coffee… is this your plan? Whether you are a newbie or already work in the industry roasting coffee, selling coffee beans or as a café manager and want to get new tools of the trade and expand your wealth of knowledge and know-how, there are many training courses.