Tea or coffee? Tell me what you drink and I’ll tell you who you are

Our lifestyle and personality determine our daily habits – those we really can’t do without. Among them, the preference between tea and coffee outlines the boundary between two almost opposite ways of life!

The image evoked by a steaming, and perhaps aromatic, cup of tea recalls tranquil moments of relaxation. Time stops and the worries of the day are left at the door. On the contrary, a cup of coffee is the quintessential symbol of dynamism and of the stimulus for concentration and productivity. Two opposite worlds that rarely meet, that define different characters and needs, exactly like the drinks that represent them.

Tea Lovers
Those who love this invigorating infusion are generally detail-oriented, both in life and in the ritual preparation of this beverage. Precise steps need to be taken from the teapot to the cup to make a good cup of tea with a great flavour. Tea lovers are meticulous and careful, they don’t mind spending time on their own and vehemently defend their right to privacy. Their greatest desire after a busy day at work? Sink into the sofa with a hot, scented cup of herbal tea in their hands, with no external interference. Even if their private spaces are sacred, tea lovers also like to share happy moments in good company. Nevertheless, they select the people with whom they wish to share their time and favourite beverage very carefully.

Coffee Lovers
Let’s have a coffee break: these words sum up perfectly the typical profile of our second type, the coffee lover. But of course! Coffee breaks are moments of social aggregation to exchange ideas and opinions in conviviality, and the more people participate, the better it is. Also, the association of words is not accidental – break is the word most likely to be matched to the quintessential Italian beverage. Wherever they may be, at the café in the square or in the corridor in front of the coffee machines, drinking a cup of coffee in company is an inviolable moment for break and an energy booster to get back to work recharged. Coffee enthusiasts are dynamic people, who pursue their professional and personal objectives with determination, taking breaks with cups of espresso or hot macchiato. Ambitious but practical, they don’t waste time in idle chit chat – just enough time for a coffee break.

The differences between both types are numerous, however, being fervent advocates of one or the other beverage may not be a permanent lifelong feature. It is not unusual, in fact, to change preferences due to a change in tastes or needs during a specific phase in our lives. The need to feel more responsive to cope with an overpacked schedule can tip the scales in favour of coffee, just as the desire to discover new flavours can prompt us to try the most exotic varieties of tea. What really matters is the quality of the beverage that makes the moment of tasting a true pleasure for our body and soul.

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