Abous us: Caffè Vergnano’s Blog Editors

Trends, news, recipes: the history of coffee is explored in detail in Coffee & News, the blog of Caffè Vergnano, a company founded in 1882, which since then has always been on the side of coffee lovers and professionals to bring them an espresso to remember. Caffè Vergnano’s experts make up and support the blog’s editorial team that drafts the six sections: Barista’s Corner, Coffee Lovers, Coffee & Tricks, Recipes, Green and The World in a Cup.

You will find practical advice for café and business owners, but also tips and tricks to prepare excellent coffee recipes at home. Particular importance will be dedicated to sustainability, a theme Caffè Vergnano is very concerned about and to which we have dedicated this section following the launch of the Èspresso 1882 compostable capsules. You will have the chance to travel the world to discover the most interesting types of coffee, but also the spots that are too good to be missed so that you can enjoy an excellent cup of espresso wherever you are.

Finally, the highlight will be always on the latest trends in the coffee world—how are Latte Art masterpieces created or what will be the new suggestion that you will find in all cafés in the coming season?  Get ready and read the Coffee & News articles!

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