cold brew

Cold brew coffee with milk and cream


Ingredients 50 g of ground coffee ice 200 ml of milk 50 ml of fresh cream sugar to taste Method Put the coffee powder in a jug with 1 liter of water: mix, cover with plastic wrap and leave to infuse for 8-10 hours. Strain the coffee through a strainer lined with a double layerRead more


Brioche with coffee cream


INGREDIENTS FOR 4 BRIOCHE For the brioche: 100 g of flour 00 150 g of Manitoba flour 90ml milk (plus 1 tablespoon for brushing) 50 g of sugar 5 g of fresh brewer’s yeast 1 egg + 1 yolk 50 g of soft butter 1/2 tablespoon of honey the grated rind of half an untreatedRead more


The recipe for Coffee Granola


Ingrediants 150 g of small oat flakes 100 g of mixed cereal flakes 80 g of almonds 80 g of hazelnuts 70 g of seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) 100 ml of coffee prepared with the mocha 30 g of brown sugar 80 g of honey 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 40 ml of extra virgin oliveRead more


NY Coffee Cheesecake, recipe from Csaba dalla Zorza


Four coffee recipes, four delicacies prepared by Csaba dalla Zorza, well-known face of television, expert in good manners and writer of books. Lover of coffee, he has revisited some traditional recipes for Caffè Vergnano, always using coffee as the main ingredient. The first recipe is that of the coffee cheesecake. Let’s see its realization together.Read more


Coffee scones, the recipe of Csaba dalla Zorza


FOR ABOUT 20 PIECES 2 tablespoons of coffee powder, Arabica 2 tablespoons of sugar 85 g of butter 250 g of flour + 50 g for processing 10 g of baking powder 75 ml of whole milk + 10 ml for brushing 75 ml of plain yogurt 1 egg Fresh whipped cream, for serving MethodRead more