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Why An Italian Roast Matters to Your Coffee Cup

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The Coffee Roasting Process is one of the most important to Caffè Vergnano Coffees as it’s this crucial step that transforms the chemical properties of the raw, green coffee bean into a finalized authentic Italian espresso product. Coffee roasters often name their roasts with special names but as there is no industry standardization these specialRead more


Are Arabica Coffee Beans Really the Best Tasting?

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Reviewing our sales and analytic data reports since we launched our American site in February, we have noticed an increasing trend. Our Arabica product sales across all of our coffee categories including ground and Nespresso compatible coffee capsules show that ‘Arabica’ is in hot demand. In addition, our Google Analytic data shows the sameRead more

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Tiramisu at the end of summer


For years I have celebrated the end of summer with my beloved tiramisu. And with this recipe I am happy to inaugurate a small space for dialogue in which I will try to tell you about the joys and sorrows of a life divided between coffee and family. Ingredients: Ground coffee (only the one madeRead more


Italians at the bar, our own ritual

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Exported and taken as an example all over the world, hospitality has always characterized Italian people. The bar, with all its specific features, has become one of the symbolic places of our country together with the assiduity as it frequented , from breakfast to aperitif, becoming part of our daily life. Places of great success,Read more


A journey into Italian espresso

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In 1882 Domenico Vergnano opens a small apothecary in Chieri, a small mediaeval city on the hills of Torino. The offer is wide: cocoa and many different spices, pasta and of course coffee. Little by little he starts to specialize in the purchasing and selling of green coffee, expanding his business also in Torino. TheRead more


Which characteristics must have a successful bar?

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In an highly competitive business segment, which has suffered more than others in recent months, it is fundamental to successfully revise the coffee experience in your premise. Atmosphere, details, service, quality, extended opening hours and a wide coffee offer to be adapted to the various moments of the day – from breakfast to aperitif –Read more

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The dehors, the new way of experiencing cafes

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After weeks of forced closure, bars and restaurants have finally raised their shutters, but in an atmosphere of restricted health security and fear that with difficulties will still loosen for some time. In this context, the external areas of the premises assume strategic and ever-increasing importance. To respond to the need avoiding gatherings, customers andRead more