From bean to cup: our (photographic) story in production

Today begins a new stage of a journey that will lead you to discover coffee. From the green bean to the cup we will make a journey together to tell you what lies behind the espresso that you can enjoy at the bar or at home.

We will do it through the lens (and heart) of Stefania Giorgi, a professional photographer, who visited the production with us.

We will talk to you about quality, the one that the Vergnano family has been choosing and protecting for four generations.

From the meticulous selection of coffee producers, to the journey of the raw material to reach our hands. Each choice is made with experience and awareness.

And then we will reveal one of our most precious characteristics: believing in the secrets inherited from the past. Like that of “slowness” through which we reach a perfect level of roasting taking into account the uniqueness of each grain in terms of shape and size. Thus cooking will always be uniform and balanced.

That’s the beauty of it. Knowing to always follow every step in a workmanlike manner and that thanks to this slow process, the aroma of our coffee will always be perfect.

Once packaged, the coffee sets off from Turin to conquer the world. With intensity, a unique taste and all our personality, we want to speak to the hearts of coffee connoisseurs.
To anyone who knows how to recognize the history, the passion and the attention enclosed in every Caffè Vergnano espresso.

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