Do You Welcome Customers to Your Coffee Shop the Right Way?

Is the customer always right? Perhaps not, but in any case, customers are necessary for the survival of a café. Without them, any business would close down. So how can you make a cappuccino break become an even more pleasant experience? Here are four simple tips!

Always greet walk-in customers

Greeting customers is a practice of courtesy that should not be underestimated. Customers need us to make their purchase, so they will speak to a member of staff eventually. If possible, it is always best to greet them first so that they don’t feel as if they are in the position of someone who needs help. A simple “Good morning!” or “Good evening!” is enough, better still if accompanied by a smile and the type of expression that says, “How can I help you?”. When someone walks into the coffee shop, they are looking forward to a relaxing break. Greet them to make them feel welcome.

Be nice, kind and discreet

Customers at cafés are totally different than those at sports shops. They often go to cafés to relax, see other people, meet someone they know or make new acquaintances. Cafés really are social gathering places and not only after sunset. Having said this, it isn’t hard to understand that being nice is a highly appreciated quality in baristas. Some people even try to start a conversation. If they find a wall of ice, they probably won’t come back! Even an amusing remark can be an excellent way to welcome customers. The important thing is that you do it in the most unobtrusive way possible, without being too familiar.

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Do You Welcome Customers to Your Coffee Shop the Right Way?

Keep the place nice and clean

It’s good to spend time on you own or in good company in a clean, well-furnished place, characterised by flawless tables, clear menus with prices, easily reachable sugar and napkins, well-groomed servers and baristas, shiny equipment, and so on. These are only a few basics to build customer loyalty and not make customers run away. Uncomfortable chairs, rickety tables, stale air, too much heat or cold are also to be avoided at all costs. Furnish you coffee shop paying attention to every detail and you will never get bad publicity!

Standing out is important

There are many coffee shops so why should someone choose yours? In order for a coffee shop to work, it should have several strong points: be in a strategic location, sell what customers want and outshine the competition. Each coffee shop has its own brand identity and customers recognise its distinctive features. It has its own personality, resulting from a combination of several factors, including interior decoration, staff’s politeness and so on. Standing out from the rest will help prospective customers build a more defined image of your coffee shop and it will be easier for them to associate you with their coffee break!

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