The right time to drink coffee? Science tells you

Are you one of those who don’t wake up without a cup of coffee? Do you think the mocha is capable of giving you the right energy boost to face the day? Know that it would be a psychological question because according to a scientific study conducted by Steven Miller, neuropsychologist and expert in chrono-pharmacology, the discipline that analyzes the interaction between different biological rhythms of the human body and drugs, the right time to drink coffee and enjoying its beneficial effects on our body is a few hours after waking up.

Quando bere il caffè

Give up coffee as soon as you wake up? Never!

This does not mean that you have to give up your beloved cup after waking up! It is a ritual that gives pleasure, to the palate and to the mind. But, according to science, its beneficial effect would disappear after a short time. To make it last longer, coffee should be drunk from 9.30 to 11.30 when the level of cortisol, a fundamental substance for our hormonal cycle that helps us wake up and “turn off” in the evening, is lowered and is replaced, in fact, with caffeine.

After a certain hour, decaffeinated coffee is better …

For this same reason, after a certain time it is not recommended to drink coffee, unless decaffeinated is chosen. Learn more about the correlation between coffee and insomnia.

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