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Tale of an authentic Christmas

Coffee lovers

We have been wondering for a while about how to face this month. About how to tell our Christmas in a way that would make it feel like everyone’s Christmas. A family Christmas in the broadest way we can think of. A Christmas made of the most authentic love and values. These are delicate times.Read more

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The properties of Arabica coffee

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Arabica, the most widespread cultivar in the world, is broadly considered to be the excellence among the varieties of coffee. But is Arabica up to its reputation? Which properties make it stand out from its less well-known “cousins”? Coffee is an evergreen shrub belonging to the Rubiaceae coffee family, classified under the genus Coffea. ThereRead more


Does Your Coffee Grind Really Matter?

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Every coffee aficionado aims to make the best cup possible, which means careful attention to each step in the brewing process. We can pay attention to the bean, the type of water and the water temperature, the measurement of coffee used, and whether we our grinding our beans fresh on the spot. With the myriadRead more

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Our Italian Coffee Tradition Lives On

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Caffé Vergnano is the #1 best-selling Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsule in Italy. Worldwide, Italian Coffee is highly regarded. In fact, what the world knows as ‘coffee culture’ is very much Italy-inspired, though global espresso culture has evolved a bit beyond its original Italian roots. Coffee is now considered the number one consumed beverage in theRead more

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Why An Italian Roast Matters to Your Coffee Cup

Coffee lovers

The Coffee Roasting Process is one of the most important to Caffè Vergnano Coffees as it’s this crucial step that transforms the chemical properties of the raw, green coffee bean into a finalized authentic Italian espresso product. Coffee roasters often name their roasts with special names but as there is no industry standardization these specialRead more