Tale of an authentic Christmas

We have been wondering for a while about how to face this month. About how to tell our Christmas in a way that would make it feel like everyone’s Christmas. A family Christmas in the broadest way we can think of. A Christmas made of the most authentic love and values.

These are delicate times. We have all experienced the heaviness of this 2020. But we all feel the need to find small signs of that comforting normality that we had perhaps underestimated until now.

So we thought that this year our Christmas would need more magic than ever, slow rhythms, everyday gestures to rediscover, traditions to recover, and a pinch of light naivety. That kind of naivety that fills children’s hearts and that we tend to forget as we grow up.

It will for sure be intimate and sober. We will rediscover new smiles and new balances. In many cases, we will have to invent new temporary traditions (which, who knows, might even last after the pandemic is over) like wishing a loved one happy holidays via video call. It will be a Christmas made of simplicity, of tiny joys that fill our hearts. Just like the smell of a Moka pot on the stove that fills the air on a December morning.

We tried to collect, in our memories, all the moments that represent the anticipation leading to December. Thanks to the gaze of photographer Stefania Giorgi, we managed to turn them into a moving visual story for Instagram, which conveys the smell of coffee in every single shot.

Coffee has this magical ability to bind itself to timeless and ageless memories. It is the sensation a child has when plunging their nose into a newly opened tin (raise your hand if you have never done so!). Of a morning spent in the kitchen preparin New Year’s Eve’s dinner. It is the comfort of something that chases the sadness away when the holidays are over but there is still a pastry on the tray.

In short, for us, coffee feels like Christmas more than ever. Especially this year, as we’ll be physically distant, but close with the heart.

And we will be close to you. As we have always done: with the aroma of our blends, the passion of every day, the love of a tradition.

Because it will be a strange Christmas, but it will still be Christmas.

Greetings from all of us!

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