Our journey

“Our journey” is a story that crosses seasons and moods. It is a photographic journey that paints feelings. Coffee is the protagonist, a symbol of that normality that we miss so much.

It is a travel companion who stays by our side at any time of the day. It gives us comfort and warmth during the colder season, accompanying us towards spring, a symbol of rebirth. Coffee becomes hope, colors become more alive.

We leave our shelter to experience adventures and opportunities for sharing. A cup always in our hands. To tell a path of recovery, the metaphor of a path we would like to walk together, once again.

We want to start a journey of discovery, confirmation, evasion, departures, arrivals, and comebacks, together. A journey that starts from words and leads us through atmospheres, sensations to an intimate dimension. We have imagined a story in stages that takes us to different places where coffee is the connector. Not only as a product but also as a symbol of a moment that brings sensations and feelings that are so intimate when shared.

Every day of our life, we go on a journey. Short or long, real or imaginary. We go through seasons and moods that guide us throughout the day. We chose destinations, but we are now aware that everything can be called into question. This does not mean that we give up dreams, projects, and prospects. We hold on, by appreciating the single moments, the small gestures. Of course, with a coffee in your hands.

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