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how neapolitan moka pot works

How the Neapolitan Moka Pot works

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Many are the ways to prepare coffee around the world. The charm of the Neapolitan moka pot, however, is unmatched. If you are curious but don’t know how to use it, here you can discover the secrets of this ancient coffee ritual! A story that began centuries ago In 1819, Parisian Morize designed the firstRead more

what type of coffee you are

Find out what type of coffee you are

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Coffee is an undeniable everyday pleasure and the type we prefer tells a lot about our personality and our habits. Short, ristretto or lungo… what kind of coffee are you? True connoisseurs do not just order a coffee. They always specify the type. Some people can’t start their day without a traditional espresso, also calledRead more

what type of coffee consumer are you

What type of coffee consumer are you?

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Coffee is a simple word but it encapsulates a wide range of variants. There are different blends, preparations, serving styles, temperatures… and consumers! So, what type of coffee consumer are you? Italy is the country of a thousand bell towers and a thousand cuisines. This is no mystery to anyone – each region, each townRead more

short or long coffee

Is there more caffeine in short or long coffee?

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Among the many beautiful things that Mother Nature has given to us in all its magnificence is caffeine, which, however, belongs to that category of things that people like so much but… The percentage of caffeine depends on the conjunction of certain variables, a series of factors that influence the entire process, from plantation upRead more

grow coffee in your home

How to grow coffee in your home

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The coffee plant, native to Ethiopia, is generally cultivated in tropical zones. What you probably don’t know is that you can also grow it in your home by following a few simple rules. Here they are. The Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta varieties are shrubs that in the tropical belt can grow up to 8Read more

perfect turkish coffee

The rules for a perfect Turkish Coffee

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Originating in Turkey, today it’s widely popular throughout the Middle East, most of Northern Africa and Eastern Europe. Here are the rules to make a perfect Turkish coffee. How to make it According to the traditional Turkish recipe you need just a few simple ingredients: Extra fine grind size coffee, similar to powdered sugar WaterRead more

best way to preserve cold coffee

The best way to preserve cold coffee

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A great cup of cold coffee is an incomparable pleasure, especially during the summer season. But what’s the best way to preserve it? Here are some tips to preserve the aroma of your favourite beverage, even at low temperatures. Espresso, Lungo, Corto, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Macchiatone, Corretto… coffee lovers can choose from a thousand fanciful variations.Read more