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Recipes How to Make the Best Coffee Pudding

Are you looking for a deliciously fresh dessert that you can prepare just a few hours before serving? Coffee pudding is perfect to end a lunch […]

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Creative recycling Birdhouse
by Antonella - Blogacavolo MATERIALS REQUIRED:   A tin of Vergnano coffee Scissors Glue Half of a breakfast napkin A wooden stick A little bell Baker twine […]
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Recipes Coffee Cakes: simple, quick and egg free recipes

Are you looking for simple, quick and egg free recipes to make coffee cakes? Here you will find two recipes that will amaze even the most […]

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Coffee lovers What is Pour Over Coffee

Originating in the United States, Pour Over Coffee is a twist on traditional American filtered coffee and has become a speciality in various cities of North […]

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Barista’s Corner Easter Coffee: Colomba Cake, Eggs and Bunnies at Your Cup’s Reach

Christmas with your family, Easter with… coffee! Rephrasing this popular Italian proverb (Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want!) we would like to introduce one of the trending themes for decorations and food of the spring festivity.

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aero press 300x207
Coffee lovers Aero Press – a New Way to Prepare Coffee

There are so many ways to prepare coffee: some are ancient and traditional, others are more recent. This is the case of the Aero Press system, […]

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Coffee lovers How to store coffee beans

Aromatic, energising, invigorating – coffee is a pleasure you really can’t live without. However, its precious beans need to be well preserved in order to obtain […]

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Coffee lovers Is your Moka pot new? This is what you should do to obtain good coffee right away

If new Moka pots bode no good, this ‘initialisation’ ritual for coffee pots will ensure you obtain delicious, fragrant and satisfying coffee right away for a […]

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Creative recycling String tin
by Briciole e Puntini MATERIALS REQUIRED:   Vergnano tin glass paper for fine-grained metals drill permanent marker stringS pencil 1 For the realization of the string […]
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