Aero Press – a New Way to Prepare Coffee

There are so many ways to prepare coffee: some are ancient and traditional, others are more recent. This is the case of the Aero Press system, invented only in 2005 but already extremely popular. Here’s how it works.

Filter coffee is one of the most popular in the world and is particularly appreciated in the United States and Northern Europe. Now there is a new system to prepare it that enables all the aromas and the sweetness to be extracted from the mixture, resulting in a coffee with more body and a less bitterness. The name of this system is Aero Press and it was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, President of Aerobie, a company that produces frisbees. And it is said that it was specifically designed to satisfy the needs of frisbee players to prepare a great filter coffee in a short time and in any place. The device is indeed very light, cheap and compact, making it simple to carry and use even when you’re away from home. Let’s see how it works.

How it’s composed

Aero Press consists of three parts made of plastic material. The chamber is cylindrical and at its base there is a small perforated cap, where you insert a paper filter, that you twist onto the chamber. The third part is a cylindrical plunger, slightly smaller in diameter than that of the chamber, in which it is inserted. Its general appearance resembles that of a syringe.

How to use it

First, put a paper filter inside the cap. Twist the cap onto the chamber. Stand the chamber on a jug or a mug with the filter downwards. Put a tablespoon of freshly ground coffee in the filter. The blend to be used for this type of device is the same as you would use for classic filter coffee – a medium-light roasting and medium ground. Now pour 230ml of water at 95°C into the chamber and let the coffee brew for a minute. After 60 seconds insert the plunger in the chamber and press downward. In about 10 seconds, all the coffee should have dripped into the mug, ready to be savoured.

The extraction system

The coffee obtained with this method is extracted with three systems: in the first phase, lasting one minute, extraction is through infusion and percolation. In the first 60 seconds, part of the coffee already begins to descend into the mug through the filter. During the last 10 seconds, extraction is through pressure, just like in the espresso system. This enables you to get coffee with more body than simple filter coffee and, given that the time of contact of the water with the powder is reduced, the result is less bitter, more sweet and aromatic. To maintain these positive features, however, it is essential not to press the plunger all the way down to the bottom, but to stop half an inch from the base.

The Aero Press is a brand-new system, but it has already entered the hearts of so many coffee lovers who appreciate how practical and easy it is to use and clean and, above all, the excellent final result.

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