Easter Coffee: Colomba Cake, Eggs and Bunnies at Your Cup’s Reach

Christmas with your family, Easter with… coffee! Rephrasing this popular Italian proverb (Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want!) we would like to introduce one of the trending themes for decorations and food of the spring festivity. If Christmas comes with trees, gnomes and comets, during the Easter season, we are completely immersed in a fresh and colourful atmosphere made of pastel colour flowers on cakes and biscuits, cocoa bunnies, dove-shaped colomba cake covered in iced almonds and hand-painted hard-boiled eggs. A triumph of joy and vitality that bounces from the shop windows of supermarkets and bakeries to the café counter.  Would you like to adorn your premises for the occasion and treat your customers to a very Eastery coffee break? Learn how with our tips!

Not the usual coffee cup!

Are you looking for an extraordinary idea to add to your Easter menu? Serve espresso in a chocolate egg. All you need is a medium size egg big enough to be filled with an espresso shot and place it inside the espresso cup, after removing the top or making a hole in it. All your customers with a sweet tooth will love it for sure!

Easter cappuccino

Prove your milk artist skills during Easter festivities, under the eyes of the customers who order a steaming cappuccino for breakfast! Decorate the beverage with a chocolate topping and with a special pen draw a bunny, a bell or a greeting message adorned with flowers. If you want to hone your cappuccino maker skills, sign up for the dedicated course of the Vergnano Academy and learn to make simply divine milk foam!

Coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice and… colomba cake

Are you one of those café managers who serve a cup of espresso with a chocolate or a butter biscuit to pamper your regular customers and impress new ones? At Easter, replace the complimentary dessert with a slice of dove-shaped Colomba cake, avoiding the one with candied fruit, which not everyone appreciates as with raisins in panettone. You could offer it in the afternoon when people start craving something sweet and prefer going to the café near the office for a quality break rather than to the depressing coffee dispensing machine in the hallway.

Bunnies jumping on fields of coffee beans

It goes without saying that during the week of Easter your shop windows will be adorned with ornaments and garlands, especially if your café sells bakery products and gift packages of coffee beans or roasted coffee. To better display your products and inspire customers, use your Caffè Vergnano café blends as a base on which you can put rabbit or dove puppets. The effect will be even more adorable if you add multi-coloured sugared almonds and olive-tree branches to the compositions.

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