Find out what type of coffee you are

Coffee is an undeniable everyday pleasure and the type we prefer tells a lot about our personality and our habits. Short, ristretto or lungo… what kind of coffee are you?

True connoisseurs do not just order a coffee. They always specify the type. Some people can’t start their day without a traditional espresso, also called short coffee. Then there are those who love the intense, concentrated taste of ristretto and others who prefer to peacefully sip a great caffè lungo. Each choice reveals specific personality traits. Let’s find out what our preferences regarding the Italians’ most beloved cup tell about us.

‘An espresso, please.’

If this is what you usually ask for at the café, you’re a pragmatic person with a clear vision. You set precise goals in your life and pursue them with determination. You know what you want and don’t let yourself be swayed by the latest fad. Ambition in itself, however, is not what you aim for and you can distinguish perfectly between what is within your reach and superfluous things you can easily do without, preventing yourself from being overwhelmed by stress! You love the simple pleasures of life and tend to see the positive side of every situation, savouring each moment to the fullest, just like your cup of coffee.

Ristretto coffee: a concentrate of pleasure

Few words, but lots of action – this pretty much sums up lovers of ristretto coffee. Just like the vigorous, persistent aroma of the coffee you’re drinking, you’re an honest person, sometimes a bit impulsive in your decisions. You like strong flavours and make the most of every opportunity in life, jumping head first into each adventure. Your personal and professional life is packed with engagements, your to-do list fills up your agenda and you consider idleness as your worst enemy. You are demanding of others, but especially of yourself. You have the makings of a leader and face with determination unexpected events along your path. For you, daily challenges are a source of motivation rather than obstacles. A cup of coffee is all you need to be ready to start again!

Caffè lungo – for moments to be enjoyed in good company

Long, extremely long: every sip of coffee is a delicious moment to be shared with others. You’re sociable and cheerful, but also thoughtful and cautious when needed. This is why people consider you a reliable friend, a good listener in times of need and you bend over backwards for those in difficulty. So much so that you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. Your generosity is proverbial and your door is always open to unexpected guests who would like a good cup of coffee. You hate formalities and excessive responsibilities, which you tend to put off till later, with the risk that one engagement piles up after another. Nevertheless, you always manage to keep your self-control: you are perfectly aware of the fact that your captivating charisma will help you overcome every difficulty with style and a dash of humour!

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