Zero caffeine and a thousand virtues

Ladies and gentlemen… the decaf!

Enjoying the great aroma, flavor and properties of a good coffee without caffeine? You can! A journey around the world of the decaf, the coffee to be enjoyed all day at any time.
After a long history of prejudice, the decaffeinated coffee is finally living its moment of glory. In fact, many thought (and perhaps still think, but they might change their mind) that coffee without caffein was a less noble sibling of the traditional coffee with less aroma, and a poorer flavor. Moreover, for years people considered decaf coffee dangerous, due to the traditional methods they used to eliminate caffeine. But it’s now time for revenge, and here’s why.
First of all, if one analyzes the preparation, it is possible to find out that nowadays the extraction of the caffeine is done through a very secure process, without any risks, protected by very rigid regulations. The green coffee (raw coffee, not yet roasted) is processed with organic solvents, water or carbon dioxide. This last is, in particular, the most appreciated method, because it eliminates the caffeine without altering the properties and the taste of the bean without harming our environment. It is not a surprise that many of the most prestigious decaffeinated coffees are obtained with this process. And here, we have already eliminated one big prejudice.
But it’s not over yet. Numerous studies demonstrate that decaffeinated coffee has very important intrinsic properties that are enough to make you wanna have it. Other than being rich of antioxidants and therefore, contrast aging, it also betters memory and helps to prevent diabetes and other neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer syndrome. Moreover, decaffeinated coffee acts as a natural anti-pain thanks to its vasoconstrictor powers, it favors digestion and maintains the liver health. Not bad for an often disrespected coffee huh…?
Naturally, since it’s basically completely caffeine free (by law it cannot go over 0,1%), decaf coffee is the best choice for who is too sensible to caffeine or even intolerant, for the ones who suffer of migraines, tachycardias, or simple stomach aches, and even for pregnant women who die to have an espresso. Moreover it can help people who suffer of insomnia, anxiety, and nervousness.
Today decaf coffee is produced in many different varieties, able to satisfy the most exigent palates, and it’s served in those occasions in which caffein is not appropriate, such as at night. In the end, thanks to decaffeinated coffee, you can’t say no to a good espresso.
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