Tiramisu at the end of summer

For years I have celebrated the end of summer with my beloved tiramisu. And with this recipe I am happy to inaugurate a small space for dialogue in which I will try to tell you about the joys and sorrows of a life divided between coffee and family.


Ground coffee (only the one made with the heart)

24 Ladyfingers

250 gr Mascarpone

2 yolks

3 tablespoons of brown sugar

Bitter cocoa

I prepare a coffee with the moka pot for 6/8 people, preferring an intense and full-bodied blend. While the coffee is cooling, I whip the two egg yolks with the brown sugar with a fork for a few minutes until the cream is frothy and lighter.

I add the mascarpone in spoons and to mix it I use a simple fork, in order not to dismantle the cream.

I choose an oval or rectangular plate in which to assemble my tiramisu.

I pour the warm coffee in a deep plate. I dip the ladyfingers one by one in the coffee only on one side and place them on the plate with the soaked side down. Once the row of 8 ladyfingers is completed, I cover with a layer of cream and sprinkle with bitter cocoa. Repeat until the three layers have been completed for a total of three layers of 8 ladyfingers each. It is important to abound with the cream on the last layer.

I add a raspberry or a strawberry in the center for a touch of color. And I try not to eat it all.


Carolina Vergnano

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