Innovation, Recovery and Sustainability: Ideas for an Eco-Green Café

Those who are about to open a café or renew their old premises can now do it following an entrepreneurial path that respects the environment and ecology. That’s right, you can make an eco-friendly choice even when setting up a café: all you need is to have a well-defined plan, take some measures and your green café can open for business. As for a good cup of coffee, even in this case, the secret lies in the blend: energy saving, waste management, decor, gastronomy and products.

New style and decor from the recovery tradition

The first step is to choose clean energy that is cost effective with a low environmental impact. Solar panels are a viable alternative to power the electrical system of your café. You can also save money on furniture without sacrificing taste and personality. Industrial objects, recycling materials, and a readjusted used counter will add a vintage touch to the rooms, making them original with style. Make the eco-friendly choice of bringing back to life waste pieces and opt for environmentally friendly architectural solutions with reduced energy consumption.

Green coffee with organic blends and compostable materials

The soul of a café can be fully encapsulated in a cup of coffee. For this reason, the blends should be carefully selected. Use blends from the fair-trade market, combining a choice of taste, respect for local producers from low-income countries and work ethics. An example of this is the Terre Alte blend produced by the historical brand Vergnano: it isn’t just a blend of fine arabica with spicy aromas, but the result of the work of prisoners on a path of social reintegration. To promote sustainability, go for biodegradable materials: compostable glassware and crockery, wooden stirrers and napkins made from recycled paper. This is because a key component of your green project is methodical, well-organised waste sorting.

The Academy
Caffè Vergnano

Behind every cup there lies a long story, a family, and a number of choices. It’s about expertise, experience and attention to detail passed down and perfected by each generation.

Innovation, Recovery and Sustainability: Ideas for an Eco-Green Café

Only sustainable products for a green menu

Finally, pay attention to all the ingredients composing the dishes of your menu. Traceability, organic and local “zero food miles” products are a must: bread, juices, fruit and vegetables and all the ingredients on the menu must be strictly from the channelled system. One last detail: if you want to permanently capture the attention of a clientele that is ever more sensitive to environmental protection, avoid the classic paper or plastic menus and complete the decor of your café with a board for the dishes of the day. To give life to your eco-friendly café you will be spoilt for choice. If you need further tips, check out some examples of successful cafés that are part of the Vergnano project.

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