Are Arabica Coffee Beans Really the Best Tasting?

Reviewing our sales and analytic data reports since we launched our American site in February, we have noticed an increasing trend. Our Arabica product sales across all of our coffee categories including ground and Nespresso compatible coffee capsules show that ‘Arabica’ is in hot demand. In addition, our Google Analytic data shows the same trend: visitors are coming to our site because of ‘Arabica’. So, Why are our Arabica products so popular?Which brings us to our first question: What IS Arabica? Arabica is a species of coffee indigenous to the mountains of Ethiopia prior to its spreading to coffee growing regions around the world. It is believed to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated.

And why is it special? Arabica is said to produce better tasting coffee than other coffee species, and there is a reason why: Caffeine. Or the lack of it. Highly caffeinated coffees, like Robusta which has twice the caffeine as Arabica are consistently and exceedingly bitter to the taste. Arabica contains less caffeine than any other commercially cultivated species of coffee and therefore has the most natural sweetness.In the cup, a well-prepared espresso borne of exclusivelyhigh-qualityArabica is noticeably aromatic with a natural sweetness and pleasing acidity with only a mild bitterness. 

Is Arabica ‘better’? Taste can ultimately only be held (like beauty) in the mouth of the beholder – and all of our Caffè Vergnano blends are of the highest quality, with exquisite detail paid to each step of the coffees production, where we see ‘slow roasting’ as a key determining factor that makes the best coffees rise to the top. However, if our customers tastes are of any indication, then Arabica is indeed the coffee of the moment, and our many Arabica coffees are indeed among the best available. We invite you to experience our best Arabica and make your own determination.

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