Caffè Vergnano partners up with Funtasia to promote gender equality in public schools

Our partnership with Elisa Sednaoui’s foundation Funtasia is an expansion of our social sustainability project Women in Coffee. In 2021 we bring our focus to school programs because we believe that female empowerment starts with gender education. 

We support Funtasia’s belief that gender equality begins in school

Funtasia is a non-profit organization that operates internationally to provide adults and youths the tools needed to become healthy, active, and fulfilled citizens of the world.

One of the pillars of Funtasia’s community-based learning programs is to help teachers and students to discover their inner potential and ignite the development of precious life skills such as inclusion, creative-thinking, and positive communication.

“I fell in love with Elisa’s project because it is a project that complements traditional forms of learning, providing more democratic access to education. Funtasia promotes the same values that we are trying to bring forward with our project Women in Coffee: gender equality, female entrepreneurship, culture and inclusion”. Carolina Vergnano

Funtasia creates experiential programs that allow students to test their ideas hands-on. Entertaining, fun projects to learn from.

Elisa Sednaoui
Caffè Vergnano collabora con Funtasia

“We believe that these learning programs can focus on entrepreneurship and provide a structured analysis of all objective and subjective elements that could represent an obstacle to the full realization of the potential of female entrepreneurship.

Men and other genders are a fundamental part of this journey. Together, we identify the clichés which prevent little girls and teens to believe that they could realize their dreams. We all commit to thinking before speaking and acting, every  day, and to dismantle these prejudices one by one.” Elisa Sednaoui

The idea for Women in Coffee

The project offers a learning program for youths that combines the enhancement of transversal, relational and creative skills with the opportunity to reflect on the subject of personal fulfillment. Students will go through in-depth testimonials on clichés, prejudices and similar issues that are often at the source of discrimination.

Tin Caffè Vergnano
Lattina Caffè Vergnano

A limited edition coffee tin designed by Elisa Sednaoui for Caffè Vergnano

The mission of Women in Coffee – Caffè Vergnano’s sustainability project –  is to contribute to the creation of equal opportunities in society.  To support Funtasia’s initiative, we have produced a limited edition coffee tin, designed by Elisa Sednaoui. The sales of this 100%  Arabica coffee tin will contribute to fund Funtasia’s initiatives. Find it on our e-shop

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