5 things you probably don’t know you can do with coffee beans

The pleasure that a good cup of coffee can give is beyond compare. However, not everyone knows just how many different ways coffee beans can be used. Here are 5 things you probably don’t know you can do with coffee.

The benefits of coffee for our body and soul are countless. Savouring a good cup of hot coffee is an invigorating pleasure at any time of the day. Coffee in fact can also come in handy on many other occasions. Here are just a few examples.

Coffee as a deodorant

Grind a handful of coffee beans and place the powder in a small open container in the fridge. In this way, the coffee will absorb any bad odours and there will always be a fresh, pleasant smell in your fridge. Speaking of aromas, you may not know that all good perfume shops provide coffee beans because smelling them makes your nose more sensitive to fragrances, helping to prevent olfactory fatigue while sampling one perfume after another.

Delicious treats

If you have a sweet tooth, you can use your favourite blend to prepare in a few easy steps excellent pralines to accompany your coffee break or to be enjoyed at any time through the day. Simply melt a bar of dark chocolate à bain marie and dip the coffee beans one at a time. Once they are covered evenly, extract them with a teaspoon and leave them to cool down on a sheet of baking paper. When cool, separate them from the paper and put them in a small bag or, even better, in a small tin box that you can carry around with you. Wrapped up nicely these delicacies can also become a special gift for coffee lovers.

Fertiliser for acidophilic plants

Ground coffee or coffee grounds are excellent fertilisers for acidophilic plants. Azaleas, mimosas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, roses and camellias love acidic soil. Enriching it with coffee is a great way to restore the correct pH level, especially if the water in your town is hard because limestone tends to reduce soil acidity. It will also help to keep ants and insects away from your balcony or garden.

An excellent anti-cellulite treatment

Are you trying hard to fight cellulite? You will have probably noticed that one of the most popular ingredients of anti-cellulite creams on the market is caffeine, which is beneficial in counteracting fluid stagnation and stimulating micro-circulation. If you want to prepare an excellent organic cellulite treatment, try mixing almond oil with coffee powder and massage the areas to be treated. Let it rest, then rinse under the shower. The light exfoliating effect of coffee will make your skin smoother, brighter, more hydrated and – with a bit of perseverance – firmer.

In the salt cellar

Adding a few coffee beans to your salt cellar or sugar dispenser is a simple, practical way to absorb humidity and ensure that salt and sugar always remain dry and do not form nasty lumps.

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