All the FAQ about Èspresso1882

Can Èspresso1882 capsules be used in all Nespresso®* machines?

The capsules are compatible both with the Nespresso®* home machines and the Èspresso1882 TRÈ machines.

If I have chosen Èspresso1882 can I also use the Nespresso®* capsules with the Nespresso®* machine?

Of course. The Nespresso machine will continue to work with both capsules.

Can I use the Èspresso1882 capsules with other machines?

Of course. Caffè Vergnano has manufactured a machine that is compatible with the Èspresso1882 capsules: TRÈ. In oak, available in three colours, it has been designed to produce the best results in the cup.  Discover it on our website, in the dedicated section!

Is it easy to buy Èspresso1882 capsules?

Of course. Èspresso1882 capsules can be purchased in the main supermarkets and hypermarkets across Italy and in Eataly’s main points of sale and in other selected stores (discover them all in the “Points of Sale” section). They are also sold on this e-commerce website.

Can Èspresso1882 capsules be purchased online?

Yes, since December 2012, on this e-commerce website you can buy both the Èspresso1882 capsules and the latest TRÈ machine. Our capsules can also be easily purchased in supermarkets and hypermarkets across Italy.

Are Èspresso1882 capsules compostable?

The new Èspresso1882 capsules are compostable and can be disposed of in the organic waste bin.
Throw away the capsule, without separating it from the coffee, in the organic waste bin, which is then sent to monitored composting plants in compliance with local applicable regulations.

Can the Èspresso1882 capsule require more pressure on the lever of the Nespresso®* machine?

It is possible. Since the 2 capsules have different seals, some machines require more pressure to be exerted on the lever. This does not compromise the functioning of the machine, neither with Èspresso1882 capsules, nor with Nespresso®* capsules.

Where can I buy ÈSPRESSO1882 capsules?

In most supermarket and hypermarket chains across Italy and in some cafés and stores in the “Points of Sale” list on our website

Does TRÈ function only with ÈSPRESSO1882 capsules or also with other capsules?

TRÈ functions only with ÈSPRESSO1882 capsules.

Where can I buy the TRÈ machine?

On the website, in most of Caffè Vergnano’s Coffee Shops 1882 and in some cafés and stores in the “Points of Sale” list on our website.

Can I also insert a larger cup or only a coffee cup?

Yes, the cup holder grill is adjustable, enabling you to insert cups of different sizes.

What happens if I forget to switch the machine off?

The machine goes into standby after 9 minutes. It will be possible to start dispensing coffee a few seconds after switching the machine back on, by pressing the ON/OFF switch.

Can TRÈ also make foamed milk for cappuccino?

No. Caffè Vergnano believes that the best way to obtain an excellent macchiato or cappuccino is to use an external cappuccino maker.

Can the machine also make hot water?


Can I programme the machine for caffè lungo or caffè ristretto?

No. The quantity of coffee can be decided each time by pressing the switch to start dispensing coffee and stop when the desired quantity has been reached.

How can I clean the side panels?

The side panels can be cleaned with the same products used for wood furniture.

How can I clean the used capsule holder, the tank and cup holder grill? Can I put them in the dishwasher?

They can be washed under running water or in the dishwasher.

Should I regularly remove limescale from the machine? If so, where can I buy the descaling set?

You can use a safe, non-toxic descaling product for coffee machines widely available on the market.

What should I do if the machine doesn’t dispense coffee?

Dispense 3 cups of water with the empty capsule provided or verify that the tank is inserted correctly.

What should I do if the water doesn’t come out of the dispenser but ends up in the drip tray?

The capsule has not been inserted or the machine is overheating. Overheating can occur easily after dispensing more than 50 cups of coffee consecutively.

What should I do if the LED doesn’t light up?

Make sure the machine is plugged in correctly and switched on. If the LED remains off check if the machine dispenses coffee. Contact assistance.

Why does the LED flash irregularly?

The LED flashes while the machine is heating up. When it stops flashing it means that the machine is ready to dispense coffee. If the machine is not used for 9 minutes it goes into standby and starts flashing intermittently. To use the machine, switch it off and on again.

What type of maintenance does the machine need?

The tank always has to be full, otherwise the machine won’t dispense coffee. The water needs to be replaced daily to make good coffee. It is necessary to use a descaling filter that needs to be placed in the tank. The drip tray should be emptied after 12-14 cups of coffee. The machine needs to be cleaned frequently. The plastic parts can be washed with a sponge or in the dishwasher while the parts with electric circuits must not be immersed in water. If the machine is not used for a long time, dispense other cups of water. For further information, please contact the assistance service.

Is it compulsory to use a water scale filter?

No, but Caffè Vergnano advises you to use a filter to prevent limescale from building up in the circuits, which could cause damage not covered by the guarantee.

Is coffee dispensed automatically?

No. Once you have dispensed the quantity of coffee desired, you can stop it by pressing the switch.

What should I do if the lever is hard?

Check that the capsule has been inserted correctly.

What should I do if water comes out from underneath the water tank?

Check that the water tank is positioned correctly.

Why does the machine overheat?

The machine is designed for home use. If many cups of coffee are dispensed consecutively, the machine could stop. If this happens, switch the machine off and pull up the lever to let the machine cool down.

Why can’t I insert the capsule?

Check that the lever is completely up.

Why does water leak from underneath the machine?

Make sure the container where the capsules are collected is positioned correctly.

Do you also offer capsules for instant or other types of beverages (e.g., tea, chamomile...)?

No. For the moment they are not envisaged.

Who provides assistance?

Assistance is provided by Caffè Vergnano’s specialised internal staff.

Is it normal for steam to come out when I lift the lever up?

Yes, it’s normal. Steam is generated by the high power of the machine pump that permits you to obtain hot coffee.

Why do the black and white Trè machines have a red cable?

The Design Department of Casa del Caffè Vergnano has chosen these colours to give a vintage look to the machine. If you prefer a more classic style, the Trè Legno machine with a black cable might be ideal for you.

Why is the coffee not hot enough?

If this happens, we advise you to wait until the LED stops flashing – only then will the machine be ready to dispense coffee – and to preheat your coffee cup, e.g. under hot water from the tap, to obtain the perfect espresso.

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