A new TV spot

After more than 10 years, Caffè Vergnano is back on the air with a new TV spot due to be launched in July. The new film, shot last month in the area of Turin and Chieri, comprises three scenes that interpret and illustrate the company’s core values and mission: maintain a strong link with tradition while looking towards the future, the courage and determination to face and overcome major challenges, a high quality product Made in Italy that is an icon for excellent coffee all over the world. Each concept is a tribute to the public. A way of bringing the brand closer to consumers and of building brand loyalty. The high-impact claim that accompanies the spot: Vergnano. You don’t just drink coffee like this, you relishit is intended to stress the unique intrinsic value that is the distinctive hallmark of each Caffè Vergnano product.

The spot was designed by Eggers 2.0 and produced by the Giorgio Risi s.r.l.