domino da viaggio 1200x480

by Fico e Uva

domino da viaggio materiali



  • Empty black and white Caffè Vergnano tins (stripes and polkadots)
  • 28 white or colored stones
  • Fine grain sandpaper for metals
  • Colored Washi tape
  • Indelible black felt-tip pen (medium)
  • Flatting for finish


domino da viaggio step 1

When the tins are empty, use the special sandpaper to smooth the sharp edge, and decorate the rim with your choice of washi tape to protect it even better.


domino da viaggio step 2

Choose the stones for your dominos and line them up to facilitate numbering them.
Divide the stones in two with a freehand line and paint pairs of numbers from 0 to 6: it’s a good idea to make a diagram on a piece of paper first, so you won’t make any mistakes.
Use a felt-tip pen to make the dots on all 28 tiles and let them dry.


domino da viaggio step 3

To protect your dominos, apply a coat of shellac or water-based clear varnish with a flat brush, and let them dry for the necessary time before playing.


domino da viaggio step 4 1

Use the tins to store and carry the dominos with you wherever you like to play with your children.
Have fun!