barattolo pensieri

by Fico e Uva

1 barattolo pensieri



  • 1 Tin Caffe Vergnano with Christmas background
  • a sheet of decorated cardboard
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • a fine-tipped marker
  • a red pen
  • a thin glass paper for metals
  • scissors
  • doorbells


2 barattolo pensieri

When you have finished the coffee inside the tin, with some metal-specific glass paper, pass the edge to remove the sharp effect.


3 barattolo pensieri

With the help of the ruler and pencil, draw the 3 cm high and 7.5 cm long notes and cut them out with the scissors. Keep them aside


4 barattolo pensieri

Write some motivational phrases to put inside the jar, you can make them themed for a special gift for adults and children

Some examples:
There is no better moment than now
Happiness begins with you
follow your heart


5 barattolo pensieri

Assemble the jar by inserting inside the written notes and the bells.

Write the year on the jar and close.

Every time the ticket is drawn, it will be necessary to shake the jar to make the bells ring and the magic of the good thoughts will be realized.