lanterna luminosa

by Fico e Uva

1 lanterna luminosa materiale



  • 1 Tin of Caffè Vergnano with Christmas background
  • a fine-tipped drill *
  • glass paper for metals
  • row of led lights with flashlight


2 lanterna luminosa

When you have finished the coffee inside the tin, with the metal-specific glass paper, pass the edge to remove the sharp effect.


3 lanterna luminosa

With the fine-tipped drill and lots of patience, create holes on the surface of the can, following the pre-printed pattern on the package


4 lanterna luminosa

Insert a row of LED lights with the batteries inside the can


5 lanterna luminosa finale

Turn on the row of lights and close the jar with the cap, put it down to decorate a bright corner of your home.

* (to be used under the supervision of adult persons)