5 1200x480

by Fico e Uva

portaposate materiali



  • 2 empty Caffè Vergnano tins (yellow and white)
  • Fine grain sandpaper for metal
  • Colored Washi tape
  • Red – green – dark green acrylic
  • Indelible black felt-tip pen (medium)
  • Paintbrush
  • Green card stock
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wooden utensils


portaposate 01

Use the special sandpaper for metal to smooth the sharp edge of the tin and trim with your choice of washi tape to protect it even better.


portaposate 02

To make the watermelon utensil holder, use a white tin and color the bottom third green and the top two-thirds red.
When the paint is dry draw in the details in dark green on the base and use the black felt-tip pen to draw the watermelon seeds in the red part.


portaposate 03

To make the pineapple utensil holder, start with a yellow tin and draw little U’s.
Cut long pointed leaves out of the green card stock and glue them around the rim of the tin.


portaposate 04

Use the holders to display your wooden spoons and enjoy a cool summer snack.