Which Beverages are Most Popular in the Summer?

The best way to survive the heat is by drinking plenty of fluids. Not only water: juice, orangeade, iced tea, cocktails… Customers at the coffee shop expect to find a reasonable selection of refreshing thirst-quenching beverages. But which are the most popular?

Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice and other Fruit Juices

And if someone asks for a fresh-squeezed orange juice? It may be taken for granted, but the truth is that many cafés don’t serve fresh-squeezed juice, only packaged fruit juices. There is a big difference between packaged and fresh-squeezed juice, especially if it is made from concentrates and contains food colouring and other additives. Today, consumers pay more and more attention to the ingredients of packaged food. For this reason, when choosing your products, it is better to buy 100% genuine fruit juices and offer fresh-squeezed orange juice prepared upon request.

Iced Tea

Packaged or freshly made iced tea is a highly requested drink from May to September. Depending on taste, it can be with or without sugar, and the caffeine it contains gives you a boost of energy. After choosing the right blend, let it brew for a few minutes – not longer, otherwise it will become bitter. Then you can add some flavour: the classic slice of lemon or fresh mint, liquorice, bergamot, lavender and fruit to offer something different than usual. Decaffeinated tea is also popular with children.

Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are a must in all Italian-style cafés. There are plenty on the market, including coke, orangeade, tonic water and alcohol-free cocktails. They all contain carbon dioxide that produces the bubbles we all love so much. Thirst-quenching energy drinks containing taurine or caffeine for a boost of energy are also on the menu. Carbonated drinks are in demand all through the day so you should always have them in the fridge of your coffee shop.

Iced Espresso Shakerato

Those who can’t live without coffee, even with 40°C in the shade, have invented their summer version. As fresh and satisfying as an espresso, Iced Espresso Shakerato usually contains sugar and ice. There are numerous versions of this drink that include creamy liqueurs, vanilla syrup, cocoa powder or spices like cinnamon and chilli pepper.

Alcoholic Drinks

Even if they don’t really quench your thirst, alcoholic drinks are still very much in demand during the summer, especially as sunset approaches giving start to the Italian aperitivo time. In addition to cold white wine, beer is a classic, as well as fruit drinks, apple cider, cocktails and long drinks. Mojito is one of the most popular cocktails due to the freshness of mint and lime complemented by brown sugar, sparkling water and rum in its original Cuban version. Another typical summer drink is Sangria, made with wine, fruit and spices.

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