On Valentine’s Day Serve a “Romantic Coffee”

Coffee is good for love. This is true every day and even more on Valentine’s Day. Indeed, field studies and tests have shown that this tasty beverage doesn’t only taste great and have a beneficial effect on our mood but is also revitalising and aphrodisiac—it’s good both for our mind and our heart. You should definitely take advantage of it on Valentine’s Day! Try to emphasise coffee time to create an even stronger bond with those who prefer your professionalism and warmth. These are eight tips to pamper your customers on the day dedicated to romantic love.

Decorate your café with special effects

Welcome your guests with soft music in the background, creating a special atmosphere that will put them in a good mood. You can contribute greeting them and wishing couples a happy Valentine’s Day. Decorate your café with fresh flowers or hearts made of the material of your choice. Place some romantic candles on the counter in the afternoon and especially in the evening when the twilight will help to spread a contagious magical atmosphere.

Begin with the cup: serve it flawlessly!

Serve coffee in love-themed cups and saucers: buy some espresso sets beforehand so that you can use them on Valentine’s Day or other romantic events. Place a coffee bean covered in chocolate on the saucer so that customers can enjoy it on the spot or take it away and taste it whenever they like. If you don’t have coffee beans, you can opt for classic, preferably dark, chocolate since its flavour goes perfectly with the bitterness of coffee.

Strike at the heart of taste!

Place a soft cream of beaten sugar and coffee on the counter for those who have a sweet tooth. It will make a sweet foam that is both inviting and irresistible when poured directly into the cup. For some tips on how to make it, discover more by reading the secrets to making your coffee unique. Come up with alternatives to the classic espresso: on this occasion, for example, you could serve Parisian coffee dedicated to the capital of love. To prepare it, just add a few tablespoons of hot chocolate and a dash of cognac directly into the cup and stir. Serve hot.

Provide aroma and fun: here are a few ideas

Provide your guests with fun initiatives dedicated to lovers: on Valentine’s day couples could have two coffees for the price of one and start celebrating from the morning. An alternative would be to pay for their Valentine’s coffee in advance. The espresso will be served with a personalised greeting card or with a quote about love: this is a nice way to begin the day and a great start to an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

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