Easter at home with colorful decorations and delicious menus

Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want … This saying does not apply this year, because of the Coronavirus, families are forced to stay locked in their houses. No trips to the mountains, sand castles by the sea or picnics in city parks: for Easter Sunday in 2020 people will stay at home.

Thinking that by staying at home, you can get out of this situation sooner, makes us feel better. So why don’t you prepare a party as it should be within the four walls of your house? This could be the right opportunity to think about something else and live a moment of serenity in this difficult period. The family is a value that many are rediscovering: being able to be with someone you love is a precious asset that can be celebrated with two carefree days capable of breaking the routine!

Decorate the house or garden!

Those who are luckier and have an outdoor space, such as a garden or terrace, will be able to enjoy the sun and prepare a beautiful table in the open air. Those who do not have this opportunity should organize their houses: Easter Sunday will certainly bring a good mood in the family!

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

So let’s start with the decorations. If you have children at home, you can involve them to spend time and create something new and fun. One idea is to print drawings of doves and eggs from the internet and then color and cut them to use them as name tag for the table.
The most classic of decorations is definitely the hard-boiled colored eggs. All you need to do is collect the material that you have available at home: water colors, tissue paper, colored sugar paper and make bunnies, chicks or simply beautiful, colorful eggs! On youtube there are many tutorials that satisfy all tastes!
And for coffee lovers the idea is to transform old tins into cute little animals with bean-shaped eyes, tissue paper tails and wire arms! An idea could come to you by looking at the tutorials created here thanks to the Tin Configurator Vergnano!

Ideas for setting up the table

ideas for setting up the table
ideas for setting up the table

Even on the table the decorations must bring joy and serenity! The centerpiece must be created with fresh flowers or with colored crepe paper! The colors are important: shades of white and beige if you love a classic table or pastel shades for a more modern lunch!

The Easter menu

For the menu you can prove yourself! In this period of quarantine, thanks to the time available, many of us have rediscovered their cooking skills, so let your imagination run wild! Even in this case the internet can be a good help: from appetizers to desserts, Easter lunch includes a rich and tasty menu, with savory pies, stuffed pasta, au gratin eggs, roasted meat and the inevitable dove  filled with a cream pastry or chocolate!
And then off to board games, a good movie on television or a moment of relaxation with a good book!
And for Easter Monday? No grilling in the parks! Prepare a nice basket full of sweet and savory delicacies to be enjoyed outdoors or in the living room, organize everything on a tablecloth on the ground! Unusual but fun, especially for the little ones who will have a different and very unique experience!

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