A new Caffè Vergnano 1882 has opened in Ivrea, inside the Bioindustry Park, which is one of the most important places in Italy in the technology and research landscape.
The project was realised by the Design team of Caffè Vergnano in collaboration with the designers of the Bioindustry Park (Sertec Engineering Consulting), who built a new construction of 100 square meters inside the Park, and with the Camst company, which is expert on the restaurant business and manages the cafeteria.
The place is composed of 3 macro areas. The cafeteria welcomes clients coming from all the buildings inside the Park and has a floor surface of 60 square meters. It is characterised by a large bar counter and high seats ready to offer employees a coffee break or a different work space, and by wide glass windows that allow the view of the surrounding mountains.
The fitting project has also continued in the other 2 areas: in the self-service area, with the realisation of service counters, a cash register, the personalization of walls and a space with tables and seats, and in the area devoted to the restaurant, of about 600 square meters, which is composed of 180 seats of different types. In the middle there is the typical circular bench with a huge centuries-old olive tree that separates two spaces where consumers can eat together. In the back there are social tables and two private rooms, which are divided through walls made of silver and glass, where clients can organize private meals or events.

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