The best way to preserve cold coffee

A great cup of cold coffee is an incomparable pleasure, especially during the summer season. But what’s the best way to preserve it? Here are some tips to preserve the aroma of your favourite beverage, even at low temperatures.

Espresso, Lungo, Corto, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Macchiatone, Corretto… coffee lovers can choose from a thousand fanciful variations. In summer, you have yet another possibility – you can enjoy a great cup of cold coffee. Purists always have their classic cup of hot coffee in the morning but throughout the rest of the day the fresh version becomes a pleasant alternative from May onwards. But what is the best way to savour it? Here are a few ideas.

Moka Pot Coffee

To prepare really great cold coffee at home, brew some coffee with your Moka pot, as you would usually do. Let it cool down and then pour the brew into a glass bottle. Add sugar to taste. Shake well. Add a little water and place it in the fridge until it becomes nice and fresh. In this simple way, you can preserve it for three days. If you want to make it last longer and get an even cooler and thirst quenching drink, put your bottle in the freezer. Remove it from the freezer half an hour before serving and shake well before pouring into glasses. You can add some pieces of lemon zest to enhance its freshness and aroma. This is a great idea if you want to take some refreshing coffee with you on a day trip or a picnic. Simply put the bottle of frozen coffee in the cooler bag and it will be perfect when you want to drink it.

Iced Espresso Shakerato Just Like at the Café

Shakerato is a very popular drink at cafés during summer and is very simple to prepare. In this case, coffee should be kept at room temperature (for no longer than a day) and at the time of serving, add some ice cubes and sugar and shake well. You will obtain a fresh and frothy drink to which you can add liqueur, cardamom powder, cinnamon, whipped cream or almond milk. The American version Frappuccino is made by adding whipped cream or ice cream to the cocktail shaker.

Coffee cubes

A fun way to keep coffee chilled for a longer time is to pour it into ice cube trays. In this way, you can use only the cubes you need. For example, you can prepare an excellent summer milkshake blending a few ice cubes with milk, sugar and a dab of whipped cream. Serve with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Sicilian Granita

Another fabulous way to keep coffee iced is in the classic Sicilian coffee granita. Make several pots of coffee with your Moka and pour into a rather large container. Place it in the freezer and remember to stir every half hour. In this way, you will obtain an excellent home-made Sicilian Granita in two or three hours. Spoon into glasses and decorate with whipped cream and a few coffee beans. Enjoy your chilled break!

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