Is Your Coffee Shop in Crisis? 7 Tips to Immediately Boost your Business.

Are you feeling the effects of the economic crisis and your coffee shop proceeds keep on decreasing? Are you in search of new ideas to revamp your coffee shop and win back lost customers? Follow our 7 tips and give new life to your business.

To relaunch your business activity, changing its look, advertising new management or offering a wider selection of products will not be enough. To attract new customers and build customer loyalty, besides professionalism you will also need a lot of creativity. It’s time to bring all those innovative ideas out of the hat. You will see that if you offer high quality food, the relaunch will be served!

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Behind every cup there lies a long story, a family, and a number of choices. It’s about expertise, experience and attention to detail passed down and perfected by each generation.

Is Your Coffee Shop in Crisis? 7 Tips to Immediately Boost your Business.

  • Breakfast for Kings – Breakfast is the most important time of the day for every coffee shop. Indeed, according to recent marketing research, it ensures 40% of coffee shop owners’ income. So, add healthy alternatives to the usual cappuccino, make of breakfast a very special moment with croissants and other handmade delicacies, making it even more inviting through special offers and your coffee shop will be able to tell a good day from the morning!
  • Aperitivo for Princes – Whether it is for lunch or the now classic apericena, make creative drinks and serve appetizing food on the counter. An idea could be to aim at typical products – quality always pays off.
  • Reduced-lactose Milk – To relaunch your coffee shop, fill it with positive but… intolerant people: soy milk in addition to cow and ginseng milk is a real trump card. Not surprisingly, vegans love it too!
  • A Premier League Coffee Shop – Football is Italians’ greatest passion but to stand out from your competitors, why don’t you also offer other sports? Go for a combined solution and your habitués will not only never leave you, but they will also advertise your coffee shop as a Serie A hangout!
  • Play a Team Game! Our marketing team will repeat it to the point of exhaustion: one of the most effective and convenient tools to promote your business is cross-selling. Distribute the coupons of a friendly restaurant that in turn will hand out your vouchers to their customers and then… get ready for the invasion!
  • Lots of Parties, Culture and Music – After studying your target and understanding their tastes and preferences, you can choose whether you prefer to launch fun parties or entertain art lovers with exhibitions and literature events or be labelled as a music spot. You could specialise in some niche genre or please everyone with live pop music or karaoke – music has an incredible power of aggregation. Are you ready to become the in place for those who can’t live without music?
  • Online Communication – Setting up or relaunching your business is impossible if you don’t plan to promote it online. Create a Facebook page where you can post parties and themed events and where you will also be able to ask your customers for feedback. Who better than your customers to give you suggestions on how to relaunch your business?



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