Wifi and Café: the Winning Match of the 2.0 Coffee Break

Even if the coffee break is still an indispensable moment for many customers, it’s impossible not to notice that more and more regular customers choose to spend their free time in the company of their trusted smartphone. And if a fast connection to the internet is always more indispensable for your customers, why don’t you fulfil their requests by installing wifi?

A new concept of café

Cafés have always been a gathering place, where you can spend pleasant moments in the company of friends and colleagues, sipping coffee or other beverages. Indeed, many restaurateurs and café owners have hung up signs in their premises inviting customers not to use their smartphone or other Internet-connected devices, so that they can focus more on the people with whom they are spending time. In any case, your business will only benefit from installing wifi. It will help you to create a new concept of café, where customers go for more than a short coffee break, encouraging them to stay and consume other food or drinks.

Does wifi attract new customers?

If you are looking for an idea to attract new customers to your café and make regulars happy, installing wifi should be one of your first choices. Just think of the success of large café chains that have now spread all over the world, which are considered to be a meeting place for young workers and students, not only for their cosy environment but especially for the free wifi connection enabling you to use your own laptop. All you have to do is hang up a sign with the wifi icon and write the password and the username on a board displayed inside the café to attract the attention of passers-by, especially if they are tourists. Wifi will help you to stand out from competitors who don’t offer this service and will also promote your business: not only customers can take pictures of your café and post them on social networks, but anyone who is looking for a free network can easily locate your café directly from their smartphone.

Wifi in your Caffè Vergnano

Providing free wifi to your customers is important, although it is certainly not a fundamental requirement to open a café. The experience and knowledge of the industry gained by Caffè Vergnano since 1882 have enabled us to establish an Academy to transfer to baristas the know-how they need to make perfect espressos and cappuccinos at all times. If you wish to spread the culture of coffee across Italy or internationally, join our project of excellence to open a Caffè Vergnano 1882, where tradition meets modernity.

The Academy
Caffè Vergnano

Behind every cup there lies a long story, a family, and a number of choices. It’s about expertise, experience and attention to detail passed down and perfected by each generation.

Wifi and Café: the Winning Match of the 2.0 Coffee Break

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