Why An Italian Roast Matters to Your Coffee Cup

The Coffee Roasting Process is one of the most important to Caffè Vergnano Coffees as it’s this crucial step that transforms the chemical properties of the raw, green coffee bean into a finalized authentic Italian espresso product.

Coffee roasters often name their roasts with special names but as there is no industry standardization these special names can mean very little to you, the coffee consumer. Coffee consumers offer confuse color with caffeine levels, assuming dark coffee means stronger concentration, however, light roasts actually have a slightly higher caffeine levels.

Educating yourself on the the available roast varieties, you should first know the four defining categories: Light, Medium, Medium-Dark and Dark.

The Perfect Roast
There ultimately is no ‘perfect roast’ as roast and coffee flavor profile is truly a personal choice guided by preference, experience and often geographic location.

At Caffè Vergnano, our coffee varieties are generally medium roasted. This is a trademark of the authentic Italian Roast, which we believe provides a more diverse flavor palette. Though, for lovers of the dark roasted flavor our Intenso and Arabica varieties offer that ‘fullest-flavored’ coffee that many prefer.

Our Italian Roast is roasted just to the point where oil develops and the coffee beans have a mostly non-oily surface. This variety is also the most often preferred in the United States, where a less-harsh, bittersweet flavor profile is desired. This variety is also what is most preferred in Italy–and why it’s known as the Italian Roast.

What is a Light Roast Coffee Bean?
A Light Roast coffee bean is light brown in color and is hallmarked by an exceedingly mild flavor. No oil can be found on the coffee bean surface as it is not roasted long enough for the oils to break through.

What is a Medium Roast Coffee Bean?
A Medium Roast coffee bean is a medium brown color and has a stronger coffee flavor but still retains a non-oily surface. Medium Roast is also known as an American Roast because it is generally preferred in the United States.

What is a Medium-Dark Roast Coffee Bean?
A Medium-Dark Roast coffee bean is rich in color, with just a bit of oil visibly rising the surface. The Medium Dark Roast also has a slightly bitter taste. What roasting style is often called the Italian Roast.

What is a Dark Roast Coffee Bean?
The Dark Roast coffee bean has a shiny, oily surface and a pronounced bitter flavor. The darker the roast, the less acidity will be found in the coffee beverage. What is known as French Roast Coffee is most often a Dark Roasted coffee bean.

As a company with a long and prestigious history of four generations and more than 130 years in the business, we at Caffè Vergnano pride ourselves in knowing the best roasting methods according the source. Our slow roasting methods–as opposed to ‘turbo roasting’–is what give our coffees an evenly balanced roast and smooth, exceptional flavor.

Each of our coffee bean origins is roasted separately to perfection to accentuate the full aroma and quality of each and every bean. This is possible due to the fact that we are family owned, represented by the Vergnano family’s cared for processes.

Our coffees individually slow roasted origins are eventually blended to guarantee the same quality in every cup, every time you want to taste your authentic Italian espresso.

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